FUTURE ( 2 ) : will/shall

( information and prediction )

1. Forms = ( will + infinitive without to )
a. Where will you spend the winter vacation?
b. It will be so warm tomorrow.
Note: Some people especially British, they use “shall” instead of I/we will but of course with the
same meaning in most situations. Contractions are I’ll, , you’ll, shan’t or won’t.
2. Use: giving information about the future: predicting
= ( will/shall + infinitive ) = used to give (ask for) information about the future.
a. Will all your relatives come for the party some time next week?
b. My sister’s husband will work in Japan some time next year.

3. Conditional use
= will/shall is often used to express conditional ideas when we say what will happen
If something else happens
a. If the sun is up, we’ll have swimming!
b. Don’t be absent tomorrow. Mr. Chan will be angry.
4. Future events already decided : will not used
a. My friend is going to have her first baby.
b. I’m meeting our client in QQ’s Restaurant.
5. Not used in subordinate clauses : when I arrive
a. I’ll cook food for dinner when I arrive.
b. I’ll watch television when I arrive home.
6. Other used of will and shall
a. Shall I open my gift?
b. Will you accompany me tomorrow to meet Mr. Yamada?
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